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Smarthides. Salting. Desalting. Palletizing.

With our robust Smarthides machines you can make the processing of cattle hides efficient, sustainable and safe. Smart automated salting, desalting and palletizing? Get smart!

“The best and fastest way to process cowhides automatically? Smarthides!”

The best automated processing of cowhides

We are very good at finding and realizing smart solutions for processing cattle hides. With the latest techniques - for instance machine vision, (collaborative) robotization, self-learning systems and 3D printing technology - we realize machines that fully automate your processes.

Salting machines - Machinefabriek Geurtsen - Smarthides

Automation? Cost effective!

From the arrival of fresh hides to the delivery of top quality salted hides, Smarthides automates the process and provides streamlined and cost-effective solutions. And that efficiency still pays off. It's that simple.

Set up the best machine together

Building well is: listening well. We believe that personal contact with you as a customer is essential. Our specialists translate your input into the top machine you need. Our success formula? Good cooperation = the best results!

Production environment - Salt machines - Machine factory Geurtsen Smarthides

Quality machine from Smarthides? Just more efficiency.

It's not just about the functionality of the machine. Quality also translates into: a more streamlined process. With less consumption of raw materials and energy. Less waste. More efficiency. And therefore: more sustainable and with a much higher return!

Optimal safety in production

Whatever the mechanical process, the safety of employees must always come first. Smarthides machines are well-arranged, easy to operate and equipped with the most modern safety features.

Service and maintenance - Machinefabriek Geurtsen - Smarthides

The service for your Smarthides machine is also well organized

Our technical service department has qualified service technicians who provide service, maintenance and repairs where necessary. 24/7, seven days a week. Wherever!

MF Geurtsen; experienced specialist in machine construction

Smarthides doesn't just build machines. Our experts build the best machines. Durable. Trustworthy. Safe. Efficient. It is not without reason that Smarthides is a brand of the experienced machine builder MF Geurtsen.

Be smart!

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