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Smarthides desalting machines

With a Smarthides machine, desalting becomes a smart process. We build high-quality and reliable desalting machines that last for years. Easy to operate, safe and durable.

“Smart desalination machines of the highest quality.”

Which functionalities are you looking for exactly?

Whatever the process looks like now: we improve it for you. Does it concern light and/or heavier skins? For single folding, an integrated weighing function or, for example, an automatic pallet change? Everything is possible.

Desalting machines - Smarthides
Production environment - Desalting machines - Machinefabriek Geurtsen - Smarthides

Reliable desalting machines that can handle any capacity

Our experts build the machine for you that matches the capacity you are aiming for. Minimal maintenance costs, maximum results. That’s our goal.

Would you like to know more about our Smarthides desalting machines?

Let’s get in touch. What smart machinery do you need to automate your production? Call us +31570621159 or email to info@smarthides.com.